'Very Large 3 storey Multifunctional exclusive New' Architectural Residential complex for sale in Udon Thani

Udon Thani property for sale & Wanted.
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'Very Large 3 storey Multifunctional exclusive New' Architectural Residential complex for sale in Udon Thani

Post by Pieter » March 2, 2023, 6:57 pm

Udon Thani city - Exclusive (is only 1 of) Hollywood live complex with 8 apartments and 8 bathrooms - Large antique living room of 100 m2 - Big Restaurant - Bar, conference hall, Large parking - roof terrace lot and many many extras located on an A-location on the Nong Bu Big' natural lake' Beautiful view - 'A - Location''

Important is Location - Location and Location' 3 storey multi-purpose offering too large of 8 a' 11 normal houses'

Exceptional; We offer the option to trade in an existing House' with a' maximum value of 3 million Bath')

Exceptional Or a 'possibility of an private interest-free loan/mortgage of 3 million THB from the owner with a' down payment of 10 million THB (described by your own lawyer to give 100% security) ("Extremely exceptional! And of course' Lawfully legal - You shouldn't make trouble in Thailand! 555)

This' kind of Exclusive New Architectural large Residential Houses can only be found in Hollywood, Then the price is in 13 million US Dollar But' 13 Million Thai Bath (+/- 370 000 Euro)

'Too many to mention' you must see this! ... (an attempt anyway) Dropped in price for 13 million Thai Baht (A multifunctional Great New complex with many many possibilities')

You are also Welcome (without any purchase obligations!) If you are interested in special exclusive design construction projects that deviate from a' dime a dozen in the more expensive price range by appointment (E-mail [email protected]) I speak Dutch - German - English - Thai - You will be amazed at this architectural style! (富士山 means Japanese Mount Fuji)

This one-off large Mega neoteric Building was delivered ready for construction sale april in the year 2022

'The official construction drawings (authoritative blueprints) of the House are present' and checked by the responsible architectural experts who are responsible for this. (Construction supervision Municipality of Udon' 'Cadastral measured Red Chanot (Garuda) The professional blueprints (bookwork) were made by architects of construction and housing supervision town hall in Udon Thani

''Playful at architectural with three floors Exclusive Design, Expensive Japanese large' (富士山) Hollywood style, a' Sense of Zen-like simplicity with lots of living space' Suitable as a one-off Hollywood Residential Complex Also ideal with some adjustments to turn it into a Hotel/ Restaurant or B&B/chambre d'hôtes. A large building with many possibilities for a very low adjusted price' 13 million Baht

''The construction company started this large multifunctional ecologically responsible megaproject on 02-07-2018 and was completed ready to build april 2022" The architect has deliberately taken into account the layout of the unique exclusive 3-storey building in various playful versions. This Unique Top 'location with an outdoor feeling and tranquility, has all conveniences and daily necessities around the corner with many shops/ markets / Hospitals / Golf courses and a mega-large University complex and study campus (Suan Sunandha Rajabhat) fully equipped and facilities at hand and offers many possibilities."In less than 4 years the first high-speed train at 250 km per hour from Bangkok to Nong Khai. When the line is ready, given the Asia plan, you can travel from Bangkok to Nong Khai in 3 hours. Since December 2017, a route has been running between Klang Dong and Pang Asok in Nakhon Ratchasima. 55 percent complete.”

Located in a' zoning plan Udon Thani city towards the Sam Phrao University complex, 3 kilometers from the existing ring road Udon Thani from the city center with an outdoor feeling of peace and quiet With a sustainable exclusive interior / furniture and other necessary inventory in and around the House ' This architectural New Home is located in an A-location overlooking a beautiful natural lake Nong Bu (zoning plan) in the city of Udon Thani in University area Nong Bu City Zoning Udon Thani city) (3 kilometers from the inner ring road, around the corner from Global House - UD-Max Group the 4-lane road 2410, leading to Udon town center.

Walking distance to the Golf Academy on the other side of the lake and Royal Creek Golf Club and Resort is an 18-hole championship. Many Restaurants on the 4 lane road to the very large Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University complex with nightlife and fun' Shops and schools around the corner with many possibilities and civilization'

''Only the most expensive materials were used during the construction and a' construction book (blueprint) has been checked by Residential and Supervision Udon Thani Built to Sakurayama-Architects' Base (富士山)
All luxurious Japanese-inspired residences are finished to the highest specifications to create a connoisseur's expression of the elite cosmopolitan lifestyle.


*) Large' Exclusive living room a' 100m² with an classic antique interior
*) 8 Bedrooms with attached bathrooms (Each room has its own private bathroom (8 pieces)
*) And the building has a total of 10 toilets)
*) Upon purchase, all rooms are equipped with airconditioner (when sold')
*) 3 staircases, which makes the building very playful
*) 2 large balconies (2nd and 3rd floor)
*) A gallery around the second and third floors
*) On the 3rd floor a very large Bar' with pool table
*) Kitchen/Restaurant (90m²) and provisional equipment In front of the restaurant is a terrace of 30m², so a total of 120m² with two toilets (Ladies and Men plus urinal)
*) Above the restaurant a very spacious roof terrace' (90m²) with waterfall and a Japanese Teahouse (convertible into a 9th bedroom)
*) On the ground floor a large separation room (32m²) suitable as fitness/ Meditations room/ Place for extra restaurant terrace or 10th bedroom
*) laundry space service possibility for 4 washing machines
*) BBQ-area
*) A large parking lot/ Special parking area for scooters
*) Storage shed for storage and the possibility to turn it into an outdoor bathroom with toilet, everything is there
*) Water chamber with provisional pump and a barrel 3000 liters of water supply
*) Many sockets and LED lamps (The entire building has LED lighting') and this has been installed by good / professional electricians
*) Lots of plants and trees on the lot' and on the roof terrace and balconies
*) The large stainless steel gate (painted black) (5 meters) can be opened with an automatic gate opener on remote control
*) The entire lot is surrounded by modern contemporary technology
*) High speed fiber optic 3BB internet connection
*) Space to make a' swimming pool in the large parking lot
*) The building is equipped with an air shaft according to the technical versions of Isaac Newton (an English physicist mathematician-astronomer )(cold air makes warm air rise) so that fresh air always comes in

More info or viewing - Owner (E-mail [email protected]) Or call my Thai wife Nimnuan - 087-438 38 93
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