Trying to eat healthy food..not easy at all.

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Re: Trying to eat healthy food..not easy at all.

Post by Earnest » January 19, 2023, 2:58 am

Love it, might try that myself.

Good times for a change.

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Re: Trying to eat healthy food..not easy at all.

Post by DuiDui49 » January 22, 2023, 9:19 am

Tweaking my breakfast a bit..
60 grams od Oats (Big leaf)Big-C
1 teaspoon of Moringa powder.(Lazada)
1 teaspoon Golden flaxseed powder.(Lazada)
3-4 teaspoons of Goji berrys used my coffee blender to make it to a powder (Lazada).
3 tabelspoons of Chia seeds----------------------------~¨----------------------------------------.
15-20 grams of Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate.
And 1 chopped frozen Banana..Cinamon..Low fat milk 100ml.

On my mind is dishes..Chicken shawarma (this Shawarma marinated chicken i never done befor)taste good but it was to salty,i can eat it but a bit to salty,my wrong.To that i use my fried rice.
Second dish was also chicken breast marinated with Smoked red paprika,Mexican herb,garlic and American Chicken herb.Mushrooms,broccoli,bell peppers,garlic and red onion..i eat that too with fryed rice..aroi aroi.
Food prepping:
Image ... ccb=1-[img][/img]7&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=clX2nsV0TlsAX8MuyEk&_nc_ht=scontent.futh1-1.fna&oh=00_AfBZvkgItW5vRiA_Y8vPWdEsDfvxF6Yn_lc83peGDz7bUQ&oe=63D0F3F5

Everything made with the help of Ybarra Extra Virgin Olive Oil,no butter ;-)

//Alfie :-) Wish every one a healthy and Covid free day ;-)

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