True Satellite Service.

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True Satellite Service.

Post by AlexO » October 11, 2021, 3:02 pm

In an effort to make head or tails out of our True bills this month had the missus call True for an explanation of the charges. During the conversation (according to the missus) True lady said they were stopping all satellite services soon. My missus is not the quickest on the uptake and very easily misunderstands even the simplest of conversations (except when it involves opening my wallet) Has anyone else heard of this or is it just the ghosts taking over the phone again.

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Khun Paul
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Re: True Satellite Service.

Post by Khun Paul » October 12, 2021, 6:58 am

Well I can say I used to have satellite TV , buit abouit 15 months ago after another visit from the incompetent servicemern, one of them suggested I went Fibre Optic, cheaper, more reliable and less hassle also included was 24/7 Internet .
When qasked why he siad staeliite not good keeps moving or some such rubbish. So I wernt for it . Installation was free but make sure you hand someone your satellite card and recieve a receipt as they tried to charge me for mine 3 months afterwards, because it was being used by another person .

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Re: True Satellite Service.

Post by glalt » October 12, 2021, 9:26 am

I was a True customer for a number of years. I quit the True Vision TV service long ago. I still had three True SIM cards. The Internet service got very poor and finally quit working altogether. True said my equipment was the problem. I asked them why AIS worked fine on my equipment. I told my wife to cancel the post paid account. The local office refused to cancel it. She had to drive 50 kilometers to a bigger office and they charged her an extra month to cancel. I cut up all three SIM cards and have been using AIS since. My home Internet is TOT fiber. It is fast, dependable and service is great. Service stopped twice. TOT service was here the next day and both times, the village handyman had dropped tree limbs and broke the cable.

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