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Re: ClimateChange - EndTime 2050 - Disturbing Report Sheds Light on

Post by TJ » June 11, 2019, 12:31 am

I suspect that most people know enough history to be aware of the fact that in warmer times than these the northern parts of Europe the people's lives were better because the warmer climate and longer growing season provided larger and more varied crops. Greenland in particular is an illustrative example as the Vikings settled there and their farming and livestock thrived. When the hundreds of years of the normal warming cycle ended with what is called The Little Ice Age their crops could not withstand the colder weather and their animals had insufficient sources of feed. The Vikings disappeared as they died of starvation or abandoned Greenland. Europe experienced the same period of hundreds of years of abundance under the warmer climate. Read a few stories about The Little Ice Age and understand that it was one of continuing cycles of global cooling.

My point is that there have been warmer times than these in which food and other flourished to a greater degree and the people globally lived improved lives because of it. There are many other improvements that people enjoy because of a warming trend. A good harbor in Canada which was unusable in the past because of the presence of ice has recently become usable as the ice has dimished. Russia and the northern European states in particular will enjoy greater prosperity as the climate warms.

Is it too warm in the UK now? Are grapes being grown in the UK as was common before the Little Ice Age? Hardly. I read that the UK suffers greatly from cold weather.

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