Large shoe sizes at second-hand shoe outlets

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Large shoe sizes at second-hand shoe outlets

Post by frankieboy37 » May 13, 2019, 7:45 pm

I refer here to large as larger than size 10 (US or UK) or in European size larger than 45.

A few years ago, I went to Robinson’s in Central Plaza and bought a pair of Nike trainers. At that time, they only had one pair in a large size that fitted me (maybe they have a wider selection nowadays). I paid the approx. ฿2,000 and comfortable though they were I noted they only lasted a couple of years.

At some point I tripped across a second-hand shoe shop in town that had a choice of about 4 pairs, all seemingly nearly new. I bought a couple at approx. ฿500 each and they actually lasted far longer. I tried to repeat the exercise a couple of years ago but found the locations I went to before had seemingly long since moved on. I then found an incredibly comfortable pair at a second-hand shop in the BohBeh (โบ๊เบ๊) complex near Global House on the ring road and again the price was definitely far closer to ฿500 than ฿2,000 baht.

This week I went back to BohBeh and could not find the same shop or any shop selling second-hand shoes. A little bit of research led me to two outlets which I visited but although both do have larger sizes, unfortunately none that suited on this occasion.
1. Near the Rajabhat school off Tanon Jinthakam on Soi 3 Jinthakam (ซอย3จินตคาม).They had a few pairs but most of them were just a little too snazzy for me.
2. An old thread on Udonmap indicated there was an outlet opposite the Phosri Village on Phosri Road (well north of the government buildings). I found an outlet inside the Phosri Village and they had large regular leather shoes but not trainers although they said sometimes, they do also have trainers.

I present this information in case there are others out there with above average shoe size who might be interested in looking into this option or if there are any who might be may be able to share recent experiences or knowledge about locations that are currently in business as the situation does seem to be quite fluid.

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Re: Large shoe sizes at second-hand shoe outlets

Post by MusicalBars » May 13, 2019, 8:00 pm

I dont even tey to but any footwear in Udon I am 46 to 47 in size and they just dont cater for it maybe if I was willing to pay crazy money in central but I am not when a friend goes to Pattaya I get them to pick me a pair of sandals up 450 THB everytime suits me for my needs

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Re: Large shoe sizes at second-hand shoe outlets

Post by noosard » May 15, 2019, 5:54 am

Bought a pair shoes size 47 at the premium outlet site next to index
There were a few shops selling that size but I need triple e as well
Cost was less than 2k bht

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