Building plot Udon Thani city 640 m² Now a Bargain for 750 000 Bath' ( Red Garuda chanot )

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Building plot Udon Thani city 640 m² Now a Bargain for 750 000 Bath' ( Red Garuda chanot )

Post by Pieter » May 8, 2019, 11:18 am

'' Due to lack of clarity and previous advertisement outdated here a recent version

Building plot Udon Thani city 640 m² Now a Bargain for 750 000 Bath' ( Red Garuda chanot )

This is a price'... that you normally get for 75 a' 80 talang wah '' !!
'And it still needs to be made ready for construction' !! and was raised with soil last week

In the city of Udon Thani with outdoor feeling

'The cheapest and Beautifully situated building plot ( Red Garuda chanot ) around the corner from the nature lake in the Nong Bu city district. ( zoning plan') This large Beautiful building plot ( 151 talang wah ') is ready to build' ( 3 kilometers behind Global House ) ''There is a new asphalt road in front of the building plot the most Beautiful and the cheapest in the sale The most favorite beloved neighborhood to live' ''on the new four lane road, direction new second ring road ( zoning plan') Purchase directly via the family mediator ( my wife' ) without expensive intermediary or broker' that drive the price''! deal' for making a Patio House, given the beautiful large trees on the building plot '! ( I know a Good affordable contractor, to make Your Dream Home' )( and can help with that' )

There is the possibility '.. in a few years time, the building plot of the nearest neighbor to buy when you want'' The Big building plot is located approximately 10 to 15 minutes from the Central Plaza ' ( Hart City ) From the building plot to the parking lot of Central Plaza 'is exactly 7 kilometers. ''Around the corner ( walking distance a few minutes ) the Big nature lake Nong Bu ( many pictures )

Has water ( naam Papa ) / electricity and fast fiber optic 3BB internet connection for the door should only be connected, and a new asphalt road in front of the building plot! At the back of the building plot is a beautiful nature forest which can also be used in heat to shelter with a small lake and has a lot of private life'

You must see this!

This is a one-time quick trade ... do not'' think too long because sold is Sold!! and a missed opportunity!

Appointments / viewings only contact with the family mediator Nim' 087-4383893
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