School Tests to move on.

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School Tests to move on.

Post by Barney » March 13, 2019, 4:23 pm

I was not fully aware, (just an awareness of my little ones situation) of the large contingent of pupils who have just completed their pre school exams for acceptance to move from primary to secondary school.
My girl has just this week completed her test for the school of her and her mums choice. I am happy it is an all girls school. 6 or 7 years to go in secondary for her now.

Have had her stop all other activities this last month, like badminton and paid for additional specific tuition and testing for the last month to assist her to meet her goals. Seems these tests are a one off attempt to be accepted so all effort was provided for her. Any way she passed the first attempt and has been accepted so we were all happy and went to a local restaurant to celebrate. It was here that my awareness was highlighted to the large amount testing going on. The restaurant owners son and 2 of his mates were there and all were eagerly awaiting on test results to be published on line soon. His is Udon Pit. There must have been kids all over town this week and next week awaiting results.
To my surprise during dinner there were online messages popping up continuously to my daughter on her success from the extra tuition teacher, her normal grade 6 school teacher, the teacher at Kumon after school lessons. Good to see the teachers acknowledging their students, they get all their students results the same time. Last night the school also messaged advising to be on campus today to confirm acceptance and sign up. Wow they don't muck around. There is another test next week for the next group who may have not been successful 1st time around. Good luck kids.
Part of my point is there is certainly a fair amount of money to be made in education especially for those after school and weekend classes. 1000's of kids each day and weekend at extra classes.
It has cost me a couple of thousand baht for extra classes and now only the school fees???
Any way good luck to all the pupils who have had tests recently for the move up to secondary.

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