90 day non o visa

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Re: 90 day non o visa.Multi Entry.

Post by sometimewoodworker » December 5, 2018, 6:36 am

Old Grumpy wrote:
December 5, 2018, 5:32 am
sometimewoodworker wrote:
December 4, 2018, 9:43 am

The cutoff date is wrong for most offices, certainly Udon has stated they will honour the 6 month valid period.

There has been no official word on what, if any, proof of income will be accepted.

SO you have an unofficial interpretation some, or all, of which is not generally accepted by many offices
Well I didn't want to get involved in the speculation about the income letters just simply investigating alternatives available to me, that's why I wrote on this topic not the one about the letters, so I won't reply on here with the info I have been given, but it was from a seemingly reliable source, so you night be wise to do likewise, instead of living in hope
that "it will be alright on the night". :lol:
I have not speculated, nor do I speculate, about the possibility (note, not probability) of using income.

I am just pointing out that the information you have given regarding a cutoff date contradicts every other source bar 1. There is currently only 1 office (and that is known to be difficult and invent its own rules) that has suggested they will change the rules for income information. All other offices, and most importantly, including Udon have said that income letters issued within 6 months of application WILL be accepted. No other office suggested that any change of rule regarding embassy issued letters will happen, in fact most have said they will not change.

No I don't work on the basis of "it will be alright on the night" and have been getting extensions of stay continually since 1991
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