Music, Movies - to recycle or not?

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Brian Davis
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Music, Movies - to recycle or not?

Post by Brian Davis » October 10, 2018, 7:53 pm

I appreciate that with the march in technology and internet particularly, the answer is probably to give it all to the recycling guy. But a discovery in my hoard of ‘things worth hanging on to’  has revealed hard copies of movies and music. My recollection is that all played ok and that the movies were in English, with Thai text – but I’d have to check that, if critical. Let me know if you’ve a burning desire for anything! Take it all, if you wish. No comments on the choice of music or movies please. I was probably in Khao San Road 15 years back and felt the need to buy something/anything.
DVD’s Movies
Jurassic Park
Black Hawk Down
The General’s Daughter
The Thirteenth Warrior
School of Rock
The Mummy Returns
Independence Day
Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Rings
” “ “ “ - The Two Towers
Behind Enemy Lines
Ocean’s Eleven
VCD’s – Movies
Stuck on You
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Over the Line
D – Tox
Fatal Attraction
Final Assault
Live and Let Die
From Russia with Love
The Living Daylights
You Only Live Twice
The Fast and the Furious
Die Hard
The Crusade
Enemy at the Gates
Saving Private Ryan
Cliffhanger/Universal Soldier/Total Recall Boxset
A Man Apart
DVD’s – Music
Blue, Best of
Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge
English Love Songs
Michael Jackson – Number Ones
Janet Jackson – Design of a Decade
Wat Wet Wet – Playing Away at Home
Shakira – Live and Off the Record
No 1 Video Hits
CD’s – Music
Jennifer Lopez - ? (includes Love Don’t Cost a Thing, although farangs may disagree) 2 CD’s
Westlife – Queen of my Heart
Deatiny’s Child – Best Hits
Avril Lavigne – My World
Mariah Carey – Rainbow
Shania Twain – Come on Over
Atomic Kitten – Greatest Hits
And they Danced the Night Away x 2 Classic Disco Hits
Weezer – Make Believe
Al Green – The Very Best of
Tracy Chapman - ? (includes Fast Car)
Maroon 5 – Songs about Jane
Lionel Richie/Commodores – Definite Collection
60’s Girl Power – Hits from 60’s
Green Day – International Superhits
Marti Pellow – Hits of Wet Wet Wet
Green Day – Greatest Hits
Abba – Gold
Barry White – The Collection
Stevie Wonder – a Greatest Hits Collection
The Kinks – Best of
The Who - ? (Hits included)
Neil Young – Greatest Hits
Elvis – No 1 Hits
The Sixties – Good assortment of songs
Classical Dreams – ZHL String Emsemble (includes Four Seasons NOT the Motown group!)
Grease – Original London Cast recording
Britney Spears – Lucky
Bob Dylan – Best of
And even some tape cassettes (if anyone still has something to play them on)
Shakira – Laundry Service
Status Quo – Rockin All Over the Years -2 cassettes
Rolling Stone – Forty Licks 2 cassettes
Ultimate Eighties – 2 cassettes

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Brian Davis
Posts: 2124
Joined: January 26, 2008, 8:14 pm
Location: Phen (Udon Thani Province)

Re: Music, Movies - to recycle or not?

Post by Brian Davis » October 17, 2018, 10:15 am

Right, that's it, you've missed the golden giveaway. I will now be listening if any of the recycle people is whistling Elvis or Tamla Motown etc. :lol:

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