The reason to have TRAVEL INSURANCE

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The reason to have TRAVEL INSURANCE

Post by Doodoo » July 7, 2018, 10:12 pm

In the United States this couple ran into trouble, $18,000 USD of trouble ... li=AAggNb9

I can attest to the same issue (but not $18000 worth). Back in 1996 my Daughter at the time 12 years of age visited the USA from Canada to go to an amusement park Unfortunately her small finger war severed in a van door. She was taken by family to the hospital
After all the hoopla nurses, Doctors etc the bill was $1200USD to sew on the end of her small finger

Grateful and appreciative by all means
Later that week I approached my neighbor the Head Doctor of ER in the city I resided in Canada and asked him how much his bill would have been to sew the end of the finger back on. Now this didn't include the cost of admitting or x-rays and his reply was $75 Canadian (rate at that time was about $1USD equaled $1.30CDN)

So another watch out for you who travel to other countries


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Re: The reason to have TRAVEL INSURANCE

Post by thighlander » July 11, 2018, 7:42 pm

a women fainted at Incheon and was billed 8000 for a checkup to allow her to fly...

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