Looking for apartment recs...immediately.

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Looking for apartment recs...immediately.

Post by thighlander » March 13, 2018, 12:12 am

I will be at a hotel in Udon this week, and would like to find a decent apartment ASAP. I want a central location, and busy streets are preferable to barking dogs. I like to walk. Airport noise doesn't bother me...school PA systems a little, but uni students are fine, except I hate it when they block the entrances with motorbikes. WiFi needs to be good, but not great, and a big one would be electric rates...the closer to the 3.8 per unit I have been paying, the better. Hard mattress is OK, **** smell and piles of garbage are not. Studio is fine. I have a few leads, but would appreciate any help or pointers....looking to buy, but want to wait for a weaker Baht. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Looking for apartment recs...immediately.

Post by jimjay » March 13, 2018, 2:31 am

This place is good:


You can cut across the ring road and you are in Central Udon. Sort of the best of both worlds. His place has a salt water pool, an attached mini restaurant, separate power meters per unit, quiet, plenty of parking, and owner Bob Sharples a nice fellow indeed.

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