import taxes?

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import taxes?

Post by kopkei » November 14, 2017, 6:13 pm

i recently found this ... ... assessment
and i am beginning to understand why imported goods are bloody expensive here ...ridiculous... :(

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Re: import taxes?

Post by Marcosteffano » November 15, 2017, 7:21 am

I think these duties are one of the only real ways the government can get their hands on one seems to pay income tax,mom n pop shops and general workers pay sod all,every buggers got their filthy fingers in the honey pots.lets face it the whole system of taxation is nothing more than in the middle of building at the moment and when I go to buy materials or furniture they seem to be very expensive fact I should of done a little more research about costs before I started and now I'm to the point of wishing I had never started building.everything seems to be imported and made in china that has a short life.only last month trump said he wants to do more trade with Thailand and couldn't work out why America has such a deficit of trade with here.well we all know why and if he knew what they tax imports from the US he might of realised and taxed the nuts out of Thai imports to the US.the worst imported item I've seen so far is furniture polish7 times the price of the same can in the uk.

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