RIP. Kim Biggs.

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RIP. Kim Biggs.

Post by mathusalah80 » April 1, 2020, 5:57 pm

Kim passed away a couple of days ago, and was cremated this morning. His ashes will be brought back to the family home in Soi 7, Sookasam Village, tomorrow morning, to provide the usual opportunity, under Thai custom, for family and friends to honour his memory.
Kim, an American expat, leaves behind wife Nee, and son Non. He was in his early seventies, had been in very bad health, (TOTALLY UNRELATED TO COVD-19) for several years resulting in his extremely rarely being physically able to leave the house, and then to his eventual demise.
I am aware of only, two expats, both American, that ever visited him; one being his next door neighbour, who works somewhere overseas, and the second who lives somewhere in Stage 1 Sookasam.
Personally, I had only a nodding acquaintance with Kim, from living nearby but, in the absence of any expats being in evidence, or of any other member posting of Kim's sad passing, felt it appropriate for me to submit this post, just in case there were any acquaintances, in Udon, of Kim unaware of his death, and who might wish to offer their condolences to his wife and son.
RIP, Kim.

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Re: RIP. Kim Biggs.

Post by DuiDui49 » April 2, 2020, 9:23 am

RIP my friend Kim.He survied the Vietnamn war as a Marine but not this fight whith his illness.Nee has done a great job beeing at his side,hope she is strong enough to go true this crisis in her life.Will visit her when time is right.
Best regards
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Re: RIP. Kim Biggs.

Post by footymaster » April 2, 2020, 3:56 pm

RIP kim. Very sad news Kim was a great guy and will be sadly missed. A true gentleman sorry i did not get chance to say goodbye.

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