Domestic lounges airside at BKK

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Domestic lounges airside at BKK

Post by tamada » July 19, 2022, 11:29 am

A few weeks back, I tried the Miracle Lounge which is the first one on the left side, just past the dunnies before you head down the travelator hallway to Gates A and B. Decent Thai buffet and they have several brands of canned beer (unlike the dry Thai lounge). It's open air (high wall but no ceiling) so the ambient noise from the long transit hall is continuous. However, they are also doing some construction on the floor above and it can be a bit loud like when someone is doing renovations in your condo!

Yesterday, I checked out Coral Lounge which is opposite Gates A1-6 entrance. Smaller and not too busy. The Thai buffet was good but they had run out of panaeng gai by the time I got there at 15:30. Plenty sodas but no cans of beer in the fridge. They do have Chang and Federbrau on tap as well as a non-alcoholic Butter Beer that I tried out of curiosity. Tastes like dessert!. They accept most all the regular lounge club cards but charge 850 baht for a walk-in customer. Good value if you are on a longish layover. The airport is very busy and open seating in transit areas is limited so a quieter, comfy hideaway is handy.

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