Quietest Day Ever at Suvarnabhumi

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Quietest Day Ever at Suvarnabhumi

Post by 747man » March 21, 2020, 12:21 pm

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Covid-19: Bangkok airport has its quietest day since in opened nearly 14 years ago


Image: Thai Rath

Arrivals on Thursday at Suvarnabhumi airport - Bangkok's main hub - were the lowest since it opened in 2006.

Deputy director Kittipong Kittikhajorn said that just 193 international flights touched down all day.

There were 9,964 passengers, the least ever.

If you compared it to the same day in 2019 arrivals were 83% down.

Some flights had just two passengers, he told Thai Rath.

Those who have come to Thailand were asked to download the AOT application and fill in the T8 form about their travel and health, details of which were reported elsewhere in a story about blogger Richard Barrow.

Infectious disease spokesman Patikhom Wiwattananon said that not one of the 9,964 passengers had symptoms of coronavirus though one passenger was running a fever and was quarantined for observation.

Suvarnabhumi opened in September 2006, notes Thaivisa.

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Quietest Day Ever at Suvarnabhumi

Post by Barney » March 21, 2020, 2:40 pm

I suppose the thread title may be correct only in being a different type of quiet day than when a certain coloured protest group caused the closure of the airport and flights.

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