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Post by yellyak » July 26, 2019, 5:41 pm

I would like some more information on condos please.

Firstly, which Condos are there? I have made a list but probably don't have them all.
Secondly, what facilities are there and approximate rental prices?

Aspire Condos คอนโด แอสปาย อุดรธานี down town near Nong Prachak park
The Base Height เดอะ เบส ไฮท์ อุดรธานี central down town
Kalpapruek City Plus กัลปพฤกษ์ ซิตี้ พลัส down town near Nong Prachak park (location is wrong on map)
Lumpini Place UD Posri คอนโด ลุมพินี เพลส ยูดี – โพศรี down town near UD town

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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