Execution or Life Imprisonment

Southern Thailand and the islands

To Execute or Life Imprisonment.

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Execution or Life Imprisonment

Post by Barney » October 24, 2014, 9:08 am

GT93 wrote:Streuth Barney if it was safe I wouldn't mind being frozen each NZ winter. The unemployed might want to be frozen during recessions.

Now your thinking GT, this thread and to use the wise words of Jack has "been exhumed from a frigid state" and it appears their is life in the old girl yet. It proves my case actually.

One may use cryogenics to escape many other of life's situations besides your last meal and a long walk to the gallows,
A bad marriage for instance, Tax evasion, any more........

Cryogenics is proven to be safe, because Walt Disney would not do anything fanciful. :-"

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Execution or Life Imprisonment

Post by GT93 » October 24, 2014, 9:49 am

Many English football supporters might choose to get frozen during the World Cup to avoid the disappointment. :D

Dazzz might choose to get frozen until Islam has more or less disappeared. :D
Lock 'em up - Eastman, Giuliani, Senator Graham, Meadows and Trump

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