How is NK IMMIGRATION for Retirement stuff?

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How is NK IMMIGRATION for Retirement stuff?

Post by thighlander » November 30, 2017, 12:15 pm

I know every office is different. Just got my new permission to stay in CM...other than getting there at was aall fine..done and out by 10:30. Many lay 5000+ to agents and 1750 for an income affidavit. I just lay 100 for a bank letter. Do you all do 90 day reports by mail or in person? Is it close to town? Any surprises? Are they enforcing TM 30? Thanks! Exploring my options, and NK is on my short list.

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Re: How is NK IMMIGRATION for Retirement stuff?

Post by stereolab » November 30, 2017, 8:58 pm

I have completed a number, of extensions of stay (retirement) at Nong Khai. I would recommend you pop in and ask them what the “current” requirements are, they will provide you with a full list. I have also completed 90 day reports, either in person on the due date, on-line when it is up and running and at my extension of stay they will also complete a 90 day report to bring me in sync.

The Nong KHai office is usually fairly quiet, no need for an early morning attendance. A lot of staff changes in the time I have been attending, and I believe the older gentlemen are retiring shortly. The female officers who were previously there were very professional.

They can on occasion be pedantic with requirements, so the pre visit is a must. other than that they come up with the goods.

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