Mini-report on learning Thai downtown Udon October 2014

Where to find instruction in Thai, English and other languages around Udon Thani.
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Mini-report on learning Thai downtown Udon October 2014

Post by frankieboy37 » October 19, 2014, 4:42 pm

Places to learn Thai downtown Udon Thani October 2014

I was interested in finding a Thai language teacher for one-on-one conversational lessons in central downtown Udon Thani and thought my findings might be a useful reference for others.

I came up with three working possibilities:
1. Let’s Talk – close to the central bus station but on the opposite side of the road along near Phosri Road (a Udonmap sponsor)
Two places almost side by side at the south end of Soi Samphan:
2. De Rais (teacher Apinya)
3. English House (teacher Lek)
All three seemed to be “reasonably” established locations and in it for the duration.

There are three other venues referenced here on Udonmap but decided not to pursue these further particularly because they appeared to be a little further out from the center. I will stick with picking one of the first three mentioned.

For the sake of completing my mini-report the three others referenced are… (you would have to get in touch with them to verify any of these or other details)
1. "The Best" Language Instruction (teacher – Natt) – near Ban Huay market
2. Chuan Language School – best I could find out she is/was located at a place called “Sinchi Thani”
3. Rajabaht University (this seems to focus on group tuition if and when numbers are appropriate)

NB Thanks to Jello for his informative PM.

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Mini-report on learning Thai downtown Udon October 2014

Post by Earnest » October 20, 2014, 12:21 am

I love reports - good, old, honest source data, you can't beat it, readers.

Keep it up Frankie. =D>
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