commerical land wanted

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commerical land wanted

Post by golfer678 » January 3, 2015, 9:38 am

i am looking for a shop, land, etc to build a 7-11.
does anybody have anything i can look at?
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commerical land wanted

Post by Dreamcatcher » January 17, 2015, 5:03 am

golfer678 wrote:i am looking for a shop, land, etc to build a 7-11.
does anybody have anything i can look at?
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Try the unit at the corner of the traffic junction of Udon Dutsadi Road & Wattananuwong Road (on your right at the traffic junction if you are coming from the clock tower.

It was vacated immediately after the Tung Si Mueang festival. It was a small used car dealer.

I was told that the asking rent is 8000 baht, but the condition left much to be desired.

The nearest 7-11's are between 800m - 3km in all directions. Good human traffic and it's facing both Udon Dutsadi Road and Wattananuwong Road. A popular songthaew pick up point just directly across it.

Also there's a school along the side of Wattananuwong Road (approx. 100m)

Actually, it was lamented by the people around this vicinity on more than a few occasions.

The nearest 7-11 is straight on Udon Dutsadi (800 - 1000 metres) across the road from Talad Ban Huay and the next nearest one is at PTT station (1.2 km) towards the direction of Central Plaza.

There's also an (almost packed daily) food stalls along the same side towards the clock tower.

I can't say it would be a winner of a location for sure, I had actually surveyed the area and contemplated an idea along the same line but the Mrs is more inclined to open a fashion apparel store. It certainly will not work at this location.

A successful provision store is all about the convenience, location, and it's feasibility. I'm sure you agree :)

Anyway, do your own 'recon' of the location. Good luck in your future endeavour! ;)

P.S. I will be a regular if there's one there.

Chok dee!

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