1 Rai-Land For Sale With Full Chanote- N.E. Of Nong Khai

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1 Rai-Land For Sale With Full Chanote- N.E. Of Nong Khai

Post by how241 » April 20, 2015, 6:29 pm

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One Rai of land for sale with Full Freehold Title Deed (Chanote Or Nor Sor 4). This is the highest/ strongest type of land ownership deed.
This One Rai of land is located in the Bueng Kan Province(Bung Kan). The district name is: 'Seka'. The city name is: Pong Hai. It is located about 9 Km from Route # 222 . This land is right on the small dirt road which is expected to be paved(concreted) next year. Half of this road is already paved. The selling asking price is 575,000 baht. Can give more info in Thai or English. If you Google "Seka', you can get a good idea where the land is located.
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