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House, Farm and Car for sale

Post by MichaelZ » January 12, 2020, 3:18 am

Hi Everyone,

Mike and Maya here again,

I hope you don't mind I bring our 3 sale adds together again with new, lower prices.
As I am already freezing my butt off in Europe for some time and my wife is still stuck in Thailand,
we are lowering the prices for our House, Farm and Great Car ( ;) ) , as I would really like to see my wife with me here soon,
all offers will be considered.

As all 3 listing are connected and can be ( and are preferred ) bought together, I hope you dont I put this listing under 3 different categories :

Our house with small land and little flower business - NEW PRICE - 1 000 000 BAHT

link to original listing : ... 81#p559281

Our rice farm, located 5 minutes away from the house, outside the village - NEW PRICE - 600 000 BAHT

link to original listing : ... 72#p558172

And of course our beloved pickup - NEW PRICE - 220 000 BAHT

original listing : ... 90#p558290

If anyone decided to buy everything, from together price 1.8 mln, there would be a good discount.

Please contact me by message, or if you prefer - my wife Maya - 0868628093. Please speak slowly and clearly - her English is not the best i must say ;)

Thank you for looking,


Google coordinates : House : 17.366885, 103.182906 , Farm : 17.384413, 103.197401
map h.jpg
farm map.jpg

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