Bar restaurant with pooltable for sale in the center of Udon

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Bar restaurant with pooltable for sale in the center of Udon

Post by bahn_nok » October 15, 2013, 12:39 pm

Bar Restaurant THE BISTRO is now for sale.

Ideal for a couple who is looking for a small business including living accommodation and outside the bar farangs area but still in the center on the same soi as and before SukSun Mansion Apartments.

No ridiculous asking price
Current owner invested a lot more than the asking price. It was an empty premises, so the ceiling, toilet/bathroom with warm water shower and the kitchen are new. The takeover sum of the bar restaurant is 285.000 BAHT only (+/- 6700 Euro) of course including all furniture's, cooler's, freezer, pool table, TV and all the other restaurant equipments. Including the price also the remaining stock at the moment of the transition.

Make your business your home
Buying this business means free living accommodation plus a bar restaurant. There is no key-money. Because of the low monthly rent of 4000 BAHT only there is nearly no risk in running this business especially if the premises will also be your home. A standard one room apartment in the center is average more than 4000 BAHT per month, so be fast! :D

If you are interested please SMS, WhatsApp or call +66 801932475

(this ad is posted upon request of the owner)

Bedroom furniture's are NOT included.

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Bar restaurant with pooltable for sale in the center of Udon

Post by hippo » October 16, 2013, 12:42 am

Close Suksun hotel ??????

\:D/ :D

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Bar restaurant with pooltable for sale in the center of Udon

Post by Jsell50 » November 3, 2013, 10:14 am

I called your # last night and you called me back this morning. I will be in Udon T tomorrow and I would like to meet. My # 0932906564.

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