Tired of Congestion? Consider Loei, New House, 20 rai 15,000,000 Mountain Views

Udon Thani property for sale & Wanted.
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Tired of Congestion? Consider Loei, New House, 20 rai 15,000,000 Mountain Views

Post by wpdrake » October 13, 2019, 5:07 am

Why this is the most beautiful house in Loei Thailand
There are many houses and property for sale in Thailand. There is an overload of real estate for sale of all kinds. This is what we found after a 3 year search of properties in Thailand.

But after searching many provinces, we are convinced that this is the most beautiful house for sale in Loei, and maybe in all of Thailand.

Now when we talk about property for sale, it is not just the physical house itself, but the whole picture. Try to find a square piece of land in Thailand for sale, it is almost impossible. go to Chiang Mai and you will find a lot of property for sale and when you view the property, you will always be looking down…into a hole. Not to mention the property outline will be a bizarre shape.
But this property of 20 rai is perfectly square, and sits high off the road. The terrain is a pleasant foothill of Stone Mountain, where the Thais fought off the Communists in the 70’s. The property overlooks a small Thai village below, and has beautiful views of Stone Mountain and Spook Mountain beyond. It would hard to find any property with the quality of views, the abundant green nature all around, especially at an affordable price under 15,000,000 baht.
Actually this beautiful property is for sale for only 15,000,000 Baht.
The house was designed by the owner, Walter P. Drake, who wanted a 1 story house to avoid constantly running up and down stairs. And while only 1 story the house is large by any standard, at 220 sq. meters (2368 sq ft). Always worried about termites, which are quite voracious in Thailand, the house itself sits on a concrete pad. The pad, over 12 inches thick in some areas, is larger than the actual building so as to provide a walking apron all around. Thus, even at the edge of the house itself, there is no crack whatsoever for those pesky termites to gain access. So concerned with termites was he, that the designer even ran ALL plumbing out the side walls so as to avoid any entrance by insects or rodents through holes in the pad that might be necessary for drains. All piping and toilets discharge out the sides of the building, and all service plumbing comes in through the side walls thereby allowing visualization of all incoming pipes and making future repairs or replacements much easier than having to drill through the base.Included on the grounds is a fully enclosed storage shed with steel door, and a 1 room cabin suitable for children’s play room or caretaker cottage.
The exceptionally high pitched roof, 8/12, helps to keep the house cool, along with the 6 inch glass wool insulation throughout the attic.

The roofing itself is one of the thickest brands available form Scan Roofing, which easily withstands hail storms and other storms in the Loei area.

One of the best features, and a rare one in Thailand, is the 2-car enclosed garage. Vehicles last a lot longer when protected from the rain and sun of Southeast Asia.
There are many productive fruit trees such as Lychee, Longan (lumyai), Mango, Orange, Lemon, Lime, and others as well.Inside this beautiful house is a beautiful kitchen with rich wood cabinetry and all modern appliances just like you would find in America. And for cooking Thai foods, twin wall mounted exhaust fans wisk any odors rapidly outside. The interior boasts an open style floor plan with few walls, so as to give a light airy feeling to the inside. The Master Bedroom is large with extensive space for closets and comes furnished with a top quality bedroom set. Leather chairs and leather couch highlight the living room furniture.
Now I know this property is too expensive for most. Me too, when I came to Thailand I really did not want to spend 15,000,000 baht. But if you know anyone that might want want a move-in ready quality house and a lot of really fine land, like "Tara" in the movie, it would be great if you could pass it along. Many thanks.
Owners: Walter Drake and Acharaporn Udomsri (Luk)

Bangkok Phone: 02-105-5754
USA: +1-910-228-0070

Line ID ไลน์: ncluk

Email: wpdrake@hotmail.com

Website: https://stonemountainestate.wordpress.com/

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Land and House for sale in Loei Province 2 hours from Udonthani

Post by wpdrake » January 6, 2020, 1:06 am

Sorry we had to raise our price to 15,000,000. This is a fair price and much lower than any neighborhood properties. 20 rai with a brand new house. Many thanks for viewing. Walter

Bangkok local number: 01-105-5754
Best way to contact is either email to wpdrake@hotmail.com
or use Line ID: ncluk

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