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ค้นหา Udon Map

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Local Events/holidays:
October 23rd - Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

Useful Numbers:

International calling
IDD - 001 + Country code + area code + phone number.

Directory Assistance
1113 or 183
Tourist Assistance Center: 02 282 1348

Local Emergency Numbers:
Fire/Police/Ambulance: 191
Udon Thani Fire: 042-244877, 199
Udon Thani Police: 042-222285, 191
Udon Thani Tourist Police: 042-211291, 1155
Udon Thani Highway Police: 042-295155,191
Udon Thani Tourist Office (TAT): 042-325406-7
Nong Khai Immigration: 042-420242
Alcoholics Anonymous Udon Thani: 087-1922-253, 086-7145-568, 085-0109-162 Map H6, Meeting
EMS (Emergency Medical Service): 1669
AEK Udon Hospital: 042-342-555
Udon Thani General Hospital: 042-248-586
Udon Thani Animal Hospital 042-222467

The National Blood Centre: 02 252 1601
Central Blood Register: 089 068 8533
Rabies and snake bites: 02 256 4214
AIDS Access Foundation (BKK): 02 372 2222
Thai Red Cross: 02 713 6793
Samaritans of Thailand: 02 713 6793

Udon Thani Airport: 042-222-845
Udon Car rental: 042-347052, 086-059-3028
Udon Thani Taxi Service: 080-0101-354, 080-0101-355, 080-0101-356 080-0101-355, 080-8772-000
Thai Airways: 02-134-5483-4
Nok Air: Tel : 042-348771-2, 1318
Air Asia: 02-515-9999
Suvarnabhumi Int Airport: 02 132 1888
Don Muang Airport Bangkok: (02) 535 1111 or 535 1254

Foreign Embassies in Bangkok
United States Embassy: 02 205 4049.
British Embassy: 02 305 8333.
Canadian Embassy: 02 636 0540.
Australian Embassy: 02 344 6300

Lost Credit Cards
American Express: 02 273 0022
Mastercard: 02 232 2039
Visa: 02 256 7324

Udon Thani Map:

Our interactive map includes place marks and details of all udonmap.com sponsors and is updated on a regular basis. Our paper map publication contains the same detailed information and is available to download in printer friendly format here. We also have a detailed map of central Udon and the region in our magazine guide here. If you'd prefer a hard copy of our maps, you can pick them up free from the Udon Thani airport arrival hall. All major hotels in Udon Thani, sponsors of udonmap.com, TAT, Udon Tourist police and other selected outlets around town. If you're unable to get your hands on one please visit our office in downtown Udon Thani, we always have stock. Our office address is 9/3 Chert Sombat Road, Maakaeng, Muang. Udon Thani. Map Ref M11 Please drop in anytime Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

History of Udon Thani City
by udonmap.com © 2002-2009

UdonThani province has been home to humans for a long, long time. The archaeological site at Ban Chiang dates from the Bronze Age.
The, what is now known as Udon Thani, area sprang to significance to Bangkok and the rest of Thailand in 1826. Anouvong, the last king of Wieng Chang (or Vientiane as it is now known) had been an ally of Thailand in its wars with Burmah. However he rebelled against Thailand and invaded the North East (Isan) in a bid to gain greater independence for his kingdom. His forces were repelled and eventually defeated by local Thai forces.

Then in 1885 Prince Prachak brought his forces from the south to defeat a Chinese warlord who was causing chaos in the North East. As a result of his victory the Prince was made Governor of the North and settled his administration at Nong Khai. However the Franco-Siamese war in 1893 resulted in the French taking full control of Laos. The Prince thought it prudent to move his troops and administration away from the border and they pulled back to Ban Mak-kaeng (also known as Barn Duea-mark-kang). Here he established a town for his troops and administration which would grow and be known as Udon Thani – literally the Northern City.

The next significant event for the city was the arrival of American forces in the area in the 1960s as a result of their war with the North Vietnamese. The joint-force Udon Royal Thai Airforce Base was established. The base was completely transferred over to the Thai military authorities in 1976. However both the people of the North-East and Udon Thani and the surrounding area had been significantly affected by the American presence. The base had provided a large number of jobs to local Thais in the area. These were very well paid when compared to wages available elsewhere in the region and so improved the general economy. In addition the job holders acquired English language and work skills that would not otherwise been available for them. A significant number of the better educated moved to the middle east to work in the oil fields. This has been ongoing as family member descendants have followed their fathers because of an understanding of the work involved and personal contacts within the area. The base also caused America to set up a Consulate in Udon (sadly closed in 1995) and a VFW Veteran of Foreign Wars post. The general impression given to the outside world was that Udon Thani was a regional hub with firm contacts with America which further enhanced its' reputation.

In recent years the province has received international attention because of the large deposit of potash discovered in the area. If this discovery is exploited then the region will become a significant exporter of potash to the world. However, although some preliminary work has been done at the site, the granting of a license and the commencement of mining has been delayed because of local opposition over environmental concerns. While a company Thailand Potash who wish to mine the site have issued an Environment Impact Assessment many are worried that the possible salinization of groundwater and soil and land subsidence. If either of these problems actually occurred then they would have a major economic impact on the lives of those living near the site as rice farming is the main source of income.


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